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Day 9: Inspections and Planning

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Looking at more camps, addressing the need for individual filters, and concerns over disabilities.

Day 7-8

Aftershocks and other complications led to these posts going missing, hoping to recover them at a later date. These days were spent inspecting Guanica, Yauca and Guayanilla, installing small filters and making plans for future filter installs,


Day 9

Albert, Linda and Maritza

This morning we met with Maritza at the Art Museum in Guayanilla to discuss the situation in two camps – one of about 100-200 (varies) people who lived in Faro Viedum Playa Barrio near the sea and another of about 60 people who are camped out in Marite’s back yard. They’ve gathered from multiple areas in Guayanilla. The first camp, called the Faro Camp, was established in the foothills at the end of the road in a new housing development. The refugee community cannot return. The ground beneath their homes has subsided, flooding the area already suffering structural damage.

This area is where Anthony lived. We’ll be meeting him on Sunday to travel to small camps in the mountains.

A group of engineers are helping to design a new community, but this will take months. Unfortunately, there are several young adults with severe handicaps: one with hydrocephalus, three with palsy, another with bone deformations, and a young woman suffering from emotional stress and living in the forest outside the camp with her husband. Marite has a few psychologists and therapists who are helping the community deal with the stress. Albert brought smaller filters to distribute since they have a water source that is non-potable. We’re also providing a solar nightlight and fly traps. A group of Veterans passed out tents, air mattresses, cots, cook stoves and other supplies.

Below: Fero Camp

Below: Veterans Relief Group, Albert constructing filters, Resident receiving filter, Kids around new filter

Below: Camp shower, isolated camp with bucket shower of non-potable water, Gail chilling in shade

Left: A construction company donated their onsite project shed with air conditioning for one of the severely handicap young adults.

Right: Marite, Miguel, and Mai distributing medical supplies to the camp.

Below: Camp in Marite's Back Yard, Guayanilla Supporting 60 refugees. Marite’s sister and brother-in-law, her sister is receiving care for pelvic cancer. The visit reinforced the need for Individual filters for those whose health is compromised. Albert is building a 200-gallon tank for the camp.


Thank you for your interest in Puerto Rico. Keep checking in on this blog to follow our filter installations and our efforts to address the needs of the community.


To donate to bring fresh water to those affected by the earthquake, click here.

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